Versatility: The By Johnny Iris Plunge Pleat Dress

At Miko + Mollie we LOVE fashion. But we don't want you to just buy it and never wear it. We want our items to be cherished parts of your wardrobe that you wear time and time again. We want your cost per wear to be $1 per wear! Now that's value.

To do that, our items need to be highly versatile. And they are. It may just require a bit of imagination sometimes. But that's why we are always posting amazing inspo shots on Instagram and Facebook (if you don't follow us already please do and share us with your friends! Our content is good...!!).

Today we pulled a pretty fancy dress off the rack and decided to have some fun.

Our boss lady had been eyeing off this dress for a while but had been thinking, like many, it's so fancy she needed somewhere fabulous to wear it (and then it would have to rival all of the amazing fancy time things in her wardrobe!). Until she decided to throw our Harvey the Label Tessa shirt over the top and wear it as a skirt and top combo, hiding the low cut neckline that is not appropriate for her corporate job. 

She threw on a pair of simple black heels and our stunning new Kitte Jester earrings in silver and away she went. The combo was a knock out! With that gorgeous flute skirt swishing as she walked and the fabulous shirt with the surprise back, topped off with the most exciting of accessories we have seen in a long time, the By Johnny Iris Plunge Pleat Dress went from super fancy dress reserved only for night time functions, to completely work appropriate outfit that was easily a 10 in our opinion!

This pairing also made the Tessa shirt work appropriate because as you can see from above, it has quite a high back on it and without the dress underneath it would show a lot of bare back for an office environment.

At $300 the Iris Plunge Pleat Dress is an investment but with this sort of versatility you will certainly get your money's worth.

The same can be achieved with the Iris Plunge Pleat dress' sexier older sister, the Lucy-Iris Plunge Pleat dress with an even more daring neckline ($450) so take your pick!

All of these items (the dresses and the items we styled it with today) are available at now and start from just $79.95.

Happy shopping ladies and if you ever want some advice on how to make our pieces more versatile (and therefore better value investments for you and your personal style) please don't hesitate to contact us - email, call or PM us on social media! We're here to help.

Lots of love,

Your Miko + Mollie team xx


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