Miko + Mollie welcomes incredible new brand, Alemais, to the family!

Alemais has been around for a little while now and is carving a name for itself with its feminine, Zimmerman-esqu deisgns with an artisanal focus.

And the world is responding with Alemais constantly selling out days after release!

Alemais is a contemporary brand with an artisanal focus. Cultivating a spirit of adventure with social, environmental, and ethical issues at heart. They respect traditional craft and techniques so they can preserve a part of history.

Alemais' corporate values are:


Together we can have real impact, by always exercising respect for our environment, the planet, partners, communities, and each other.


We believe in celebrating old world craftsmanship and embracing traditional techniques that have been passed from one artist to the next over generations.


Our love of life energises and empowers us to strip away complexity and awaken confidence through effortless and eclectic design.

They partner with communities to ensure they are building a brand that champions environmental and economic development through meaningful relationships that foster and empower artisans and suppliers. Through this approach they aim to build long lasting associations.

They are concerned about the future of our world, which is why they embrace ethical partnerships, support businesses that empower women, and prioritise fair treatment of workers and artisans. Wherever possible they choose natural, durable and organic fibres such as Hemp, Ramie, Cotton and Linen. Their focus will always be on quality over quantity.

They believe in protecting our natural world, as best we can. Together as a community we can strive to make the best decisions on how we treat people and the planet through conscious consumerism.

And that is exactly what you're doing when you buy this wonderful brand.

So enjoy ladies, we are so proud to bring you this brand!