New year, new....trends!

It's a given isn't it. We've just crossed a huge threshold into 2022, filled with renewed hope and a lust for a life that's different to the way the last year has been. And the fashion industry is shaking things up to give you just that!

All of the amazing new 2022 stock has started rolling in already and these are the hot new trends we're seeing for 2022.

Mini skirts

Mini skirts are here in a big, big way and not only for Summer but for Autumn and winter too. We are seeing a LOT of leather but it's not just limited to leather, anything goes for the mini at the moment.

We are also seeing slight A-line shapes in this trend, not the ol' figure hugging minis of the past. These have a high fashion shape to them and a demure, stylish shape.

If your wardrobe doesn't have at least one A line mini skirt in it for 2022 you are going to feel supremely left out!

We will be doing TWO styling sessions on these over the next few months, the first one will be Summer-focussed so you have get wearing your fab minis right now and then as the weather cools down we're going to show you how to rock these for winter as well.

In the meantime, check out all our HOT new 2022 mini skirts here and a couple of Elka Collective minis that were way on trend well before their time and can be snapped up on sale to get your wardrobe on the right track for 2022!

Oversized shirts

Man style dressing has been around for a while now but we are seeing the oversized shirt in a BIG way in 2022. We have some EPIC striped man style shirts coming soon which hits a couple of BIG trends with one garment - man style shirts AND stripes! So keep your eye out for them. We will also be doing a styling session on them to show you how to take full advantage of this stylish and very comfortable style.

Big colour

We saw HUGE colour coming through late last year and it will continue to be a big vibe in 2022. After the few years we've had, people NEED colour in their lives and the fashion industry is responding! You will continue to see big bright colours coming through for at least the first half of 2022.

Pops of neon

Pops of neon are very quietly making their way into the picture this year. They will be subtle but they will be there.


Whites, creams and neutrals are a big vibe for the first half of 2022, especially when worn colour-blocked together (accented by black) or used in a print together.

Animal print

Animal print is going to be HUGE again this year. HUGE! Everything from realistic references to quirky digital prints. You will also see a play on colours from the traditional animal prints so keep your eye out for those. They are super fun and very 2022. It will be an instant lift for your wardrobe.


Prints will be big this year and very art inspired. It starts with some divine watercolour type prints and then moves into mod print references. We will also see check/gingham continue to be referenced.

Tie up and cut out details

2022 is all about FUN and you will see A LOT of lace up details and cut out details in everything from ready to wear to activewear.


Leather is going to be HUGE again this year. If you don't have a pair of leather pants/leggings and a leather skirt you are going to feel very left out! They are going to be the FIRST way to let your wardrobe scream "I HAVE STYLE AND I KNOW IT", so grab yours while you still can. They will get harder to find (especially in comfort and quality) as everyone rushes to get them for Autumn/Winter.


If you want to get a head start on 2022 fashion, head on over to our 2022 trends collection and go crazy! All of these pieces will set you up for your most stylish year yet!

Enjoy beautiful ladies! And let's be our best selves this year!

Lots of love

Courtney, Sally, Dani, Lily and Ebony xx