Although Miko + Mollie stocks exclusively Australian designers, we could not pass up gorgeous fine US jewellery designer Bryan Anthonys.

With beautiful fine 14k gold, silver and rose gold pieces perfect for layering but with beautiful hidden meaning for you and your loved ones to enjoy, these are just so so meaningful to us and represent everything we want to be in this world - loving, kind, caring, supportive and empowering.

So take a look at the range and buy a little gift for someone in your life who needs to hear this message, or for yourself, to remind you that you are incredible, formidable and far stronger than you think you are. And that life is in hand. Everything will work out the way that it is meant to. And it's here for living Queen, so enjoy every moment. Sometimes it takes these tiny little reminders we can wear around our neck or on our finger to keep us on track.

Bryan Anthonys pieces are lovingly made from solid 14k gold, silver and rose gold or high quality brass with 14k gold, silver and rose gold plating and come beautifully gift boxed for safe travels and exquisite presentational moments to the people you love and care for most.