Camilla Franks has built the incredible Camilla brand from the ground up right out of Sydney, Australia, staying close to her grounded and soulful ethos her entire career.

Camilla uses the most exquisite silks, lovingly embellished to create garments that touch your heart and evoke emotion and memories that without them you'd merely be going through the motions. Women LIVE in these garments. They laugh, they cry, they love, they travel, they open their eyes to the world and all of humanity thanks to the inspiring prints Camilla creates from her own worldwide inspiration each season.

Camilla is a unique brand and we can't wait to show you our exclusive way of styling these iconic garments. At Miko + Mollie we think outside the square and we give you new and inspiring ways to wear them every season ensuring you inject a bit of FUN into your life through your wardrobe everyday.