CAMILLA SS21 TIME TRIPPIN' is a deliciously decadent art deco inspired collection taking us back in time. To a time less complicated and more extravagant! So let's take a leaf out of their book, forget our woes and kick our heels up in the most divine collection we have ever seen!

Our faves?

Who can go passed the deliciously exquisite Camilla Fitzgeralds Flapper Long Drape Dress with Zip Front and that STUNNING Camilla Fitzgerald's Flapper Layer with Centre Back Panel? This is the most extravagantly adorned and beautifully designed centre back panel layer we have EVER seen from Camilla. It is literally DRIPPING in detail. The back is heavy with exquisite beading and detailing never before seen on a layer like this.

It pairs perfectly over the glorious long drape dress which is so flattering on but it also adds some serious luxury to the Camilla Dripping in Deco Pant with Cuffs, one of the fabuoous tees and a pair of white sneakers! Or add a black ankle boot (COMING SOON! Hit us up for pre-order!) for some height and serious PHWOAR! This layer looks great over light and dark denim as well. Boss Lady can't wait to get her teeth sunk into styling this one! She's VERY excited.

And you know we love a round neck kaftan but especially in winter. And especially in these gloriously rich prints 😍 A Camilla kaftan, leather or faux fur jacket, a beanie and ankle boots or sneakers are all you need to look COOL AF this winter! It’s a serious vibe! And we’re all about it to be honest! We love how it can then look super sophisticated with a change of shoe and no beanie! Round neck kaftans are seriously the BOMB!

The tees and sweater are iconic Camilla standouts as well this drop. This drop is SO STRONG! We have been so excited for this one. It's deep and rich and vibrant and it just gets you so excited for life. It opens your eyes to the wonder of the world and for a moment you can drink it all in without the worries of what the hell is going on out there. Forget it. Slip into some of these stunning silks, jerseys and cottons. Feel them on your skin, watch the way they float and drape as you move. Admire the captivating embellishments as the catch the light and create a little twinkle in your life and give you a flow others admire.

This is the drop ladies. This is the drop that changes our little worlds for as long as we want it to. And we're so excited to bring that to you!

Enjoy queens!

Lots of love

You Miko + Mollie team xoxo