The weather has certainly turned and winter is well and truly on its way! Which often throws us all into a little turmoil while we get used to dressing for colder weather again. We have been getting A LOT of requests for outfit ideas and inspo so we will be focussing on that for you this week.

First up is the loungewear trend! Became kind of a big deal over COVID and looks like it's here to stay. And why not? It's comfy, warm and allows us to get extra value out of our fave sporty and lounge pieces!

So how do we wear all of these awesome track pants, sweaters and comfy, cool sets outside the house?

We make them FASHUN. We kick things up a notch with:

  1. Shoe choice - a pointed heel or ankle boot is perfect 
  2. A sleek, stylish leather handbag - Dylan Kain is the ONLY way to go!
  3. Add a faux fur jacket!
  4. Finish the look with designer sunglasses!
  5. Hair and make up to finish the look (no hair or make up just looks like trackies! You have to finish the look with hair and make up to make it look purposeful)
  6. Attitude - embrace the look, rock it and be confident in your bold choices and cutting edge style!

Check out some of our favourite pieces below and have a play - you will fall in love with this super convenient and stylish trend like we have!

Lots of love

Courtney, Sally, Lily, Dani and Ebony xx

Loungewear looks