Mini skirts are here in a big, big way for 2022 and not only for Summer but for Autumn and Winter too. We are seeing a LOT of leather but it's not just limited to leather, anything goes for the mini at the moment.

We are also seeing slight A-line shapes in this trend, not the ol' figure hugging minis of the past. These have a high fashion shape to them and a demure, stylish shape.

If your wardrobe doesn't have at least one A line mini skirt in it for 2022 you are going to feel supremely left out!

We will be doing TWO styling sessions on these over the next few months, the first one will be Summer-focussed so you have get wearing your fab minis right now and then as the weather cools down we're going to show you how to rock these for winter as well.

In the meantime, check out all our HOT new 2022 mini skirts here and a couple of Elka Collective minis that were way on trend well before their time and can be snapped up on sale to get your wardrobe on the right track for 2022!