It's a crazy world we live in at the moment but working from home and cancelling her social life and business travel means our styling super woman, Courtney, has a lot more time on her hands and can finally dedicate time to sharing her styling secrets and helping you develop a style that suits you and your lifestyle, but with that extra pizzazz you're missing.

And you probably have a lot more time on your hands too and are looking for fun things to do indoors?

So why not booking a styling session with Courtney to talk through your styling issues and let her help you sort it out!

This is the digital age now too and we have found video conference calls via Zoom absolutely magic!

So add a half hour or one hour session to your cart and Courtney will get in touch to set up your Zoom styling session with the FULL COST OF YOUR STYLING SESSION REDEEMABLE ON ANY PURCHASES MADE THAT DAY! So yes, basically, you get Courtney's styling expertise for free, and a fabulous new update to your wardrobe that will mix and match with what you currently own, solve any styling issues you may be having and get value for money out of your new purchases and what you already own! Make your money work harder for you and let Courtney show you how to use what you have to its fullest potential.

Some styling issues that Courtney has helped styling clients with in the past:

  • I have a wardrobe full of clothes but NOTHING to wear!
  • I'm going back to work and have no idea what to wear.
  • I don't know how to dress for my body type.
  • Style, what style? I have no idea and just want someone to help me!

And some new issues people are reaching out to her on a daily basis about:

  • I'm working from home - how do I dress for comfort but also still look professional?
  • I'm on a budget but I still need to look and FEEL great.
  • I've lost my job and I need outfits for job interviews and trials.
  • I just want to feel good about something! Style me up!
  • I'm online dating! I need outfits for Zoom wine dates!

How does it work? 

  1. Purchase your half hour or 1 hour session online
  2. Courtney will email you to set up the date and time and send you a link to your zoom chat
  3. When that date and time arrives, click the link on your phone or computer and log in to the zoom chat
  4. Say hello!
  5. Courtney will then talk to you about why you booked the session and what you want to get out of it, what are your style concerns etc
  6. Courtney will make some recommendations to you in session and also send you an email with links to her recommendations

Courtney can also put your purchase through with you on your Zoom chat so you don't even have to be a professional at online shopping! She can do it for you! 

Reviews from previous styling clients:

"I don't even bother shopping for myself anymore. I just go to Courtney. All of the best outfits I've ever worn have been selected by her. My friends are so jealous of my wardrobe." Kristen, 40s, Adelaide, working mum of 2, fashionista with great style but sometimes needs a bit of extra help putting things together, also a bit of extra encouragement to try things she wouldn't normally try

"Thank you so much for today - aside from all the awesome clothes and styling, it was nice to have your bright positive energy around...Everyone has been commenting on my amazing clothes so have directed them to your website!!" Sinead, 30s, Sydney, Executive, needed a new corporate wardrobe that  incorporated her young, vibrant and sassy personality in a professional way

Please note, no discounts apply to styling sessions. Please do not apply any discount codes to these styling sessions because we will unfortunately have to cancel and refund your order.