On 12 October 2021 The Guardian reported on the likelihood of Australia experiencing its first back-to-back La Nina event in a decade with the Bureau of Meterology observing it is now three-times as likely Australia’s summer period will be affected by storms and flooding. The Bureau of Meteorology activated a La Niña alert at the same time.

BOM climatologist Dr Lynette Bettio said the El Niño–Southern Oscillation had been upgraded from La Niña watch to La Niña alert, meaning the chance of a La Niña forming in the next few months increased from 50% in September to 70%.

“La Niña events increase the chances of above average rainfall for northern and eastern Australia during spring and summer, and the likelihood of one has been contributing to the bureau’s wetter-than-average outlooks recently.”

Now six out of seven of the international climate models surveyed by BOM meet La Niña criteria from November.

Which is why many of us are seeing wetter weather this week! And it looks like we will be getting it all summer long!

So how do we cope with wet weather and still look stylish now that we're all allowed out of our homes again?

For us, the secret answer is puffers and activewear for casual and anything that goes with ankle boots for dressier (to keep those tootsies dry!). A good quality leather sneaker is a great solution too for funkier, casual looks (with a nice thick sole to keep the rain out!)

Here are our top picks to get us through the wild and wooly weather we have coming our way all summer long!

Lots of love

Courtney, Sally, Lily, Dani and Ebony xx