Willow Evie Luxe Candles are hand-poured in South Australia with 100% pure soy wax, infused with delicately balanced, non-toxic natural plant oils, inlaid with powerful restorative crystals and centred with lead-free wicks.

Each of the incredible Willow Evie candles when lit, radiate a harmonious fusion of soothing energy & healing properties that connect you to a true emotional experience and nurture you to a sense of well-being. It's why we burn them in the warehouse constantly to create a beautiful, calm, soothing work environment for our team and Courtney burns hers constantly at home and in her office to create the same beautiful energy and safe space she needs to get her job done to the best of her abilities every day!

Bringing warm light into the dark, Willow & Evie Luxe Candles will elevate your space into a gentle ambience of uplifting energy & luxurious aromas.